About Us

Meet Our Owner

Hi! My name is Julia. I’m the Owner of The Pie Dish. While pies are my passion, my story actually started with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. From there, I did a year in PhD studies with a focus on active polymers for medical device purposes. I quickly realized that while I loved doing research, having a PhD wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to go. So into the industry I went. For a year-and-a-half, I worked in the field and loved pieces of what I did, but ultimately found I was unhappy where I was.

I’m a big proponent of proper mental health care and during COVID isolation, a time when many of us struggled with working from home and isolation from the community we used to have, I found myself in therapy. During one session, I, using my amazing ability to avoid the subject, talked not about the job I was in the process of losing, but instead about the pies I was going to make for Thanksgiving… It was September. My mind was already on pies and it made me wonder why that gave me such joy? How was it I could talk for hours about pies and not even blink twice at the idea of it? Thus, an idea was formed: a pie shop. I wanted to open a pie shop.

Baking has always been a part of my life. My earliest memory is baking springerle cookies with my grandma, but the idea of the pie shop gave me hope that baking could not only be something I enjoyed doing but would allow my passion to intertwine with my professional life. And so I set out to do it. I had no idea where to start, no experience in the industry, but I went and got it. Worked for 9 months in a bakery and learned what it meant to be a professional baker. From there, I did the research, worked out the details, and eventually got to call The Pie Dish my shop.

Give-back Program

Community is key to us. We look for as many ways as we can to give back and support the community the way they’ve supported us. Part of that is our give-back program where every few months, customers can choose to donate to a nonprofit partner through their purchase at The Pie Dish. We also are more than happy to help nonprofits with silent auction items. We can either provide a gift basket type item or a gift card, so please reach out to us.

About the Pies

So what is a cream-based pie?

While traditional cream-based pies are typically custards that are baked, puddings that are set, or icebox pies, for us it all starts with the rich, velvety cheese base that forms the foundation of each delicious creation. Then we create the flavor component of the pie, whether it be a homemade fruit sauce, caramel, nut butter, or flavor concentrate. Lastly, we whip in heavy whipping cream which sets our pies apart and gives each pie its signature fluff making for a light and refreshing cream-based pie.

What about the quiches?

Veggies are the star of the show for our quiches. Each quiche takes a classic flavor idea and takes it up a notch. Pairing tasty veggies such as tomatoes or spinach with a rich, creamy cheese of choice, there are endless possibilities. The only thing you won’t find in our quiches is meat. All of our quiches are entirely vegetarian making them accessible to most of our community’s dietary needs.

What else is in that pie?

What goes into our pies matters. We pride ourselves on good quality ingredients, making sure that everything is natural, no artificial dyes, flavors, or sweeteners. We strive to be conscientious of allergens that may be present and provide options to those in our community who have dietary restrictions.

So what can we make?

Versatility is the beauty of what we make. Whether you're craving a classic flavor combo like Chocolate Peanut Butter Cream or a more adventurous option like our Jalapeño Popper Quiche, there's a cream-based pie or quiche to suit your palate.

If we don’t make it yet, let us know what flavor you’d like to see and we’ll work on creating a custom flavor just for you. Planning a wedding and would love to have a pie inspired by your first date? We’ve got you there! Planning a corporate event and want a flavor that speaks to the culture of your company? Sit down with us and let’s discuss!

What about some kick in that pie?

How about a pie inspired by a classic cocktail such as an old fashioned or a white russian. We make them too!

Concerned about the legality of such a thing? Texas currently has no laws or licensing prohibiting or regulating alcohol-infused food. All our pies sit under 5% ABV and are fine for any age to enjoy.

For more in depth information, please check out a fellow bakery who’s done the research!